Starting The Ridgeway Path

I intended to walk the first section as recommended: this meant walking from Ovington Hill to Ogbourne St George. I decided to drive to the end of the section at Ogbourne St George and find somewhere to park the car. I used the national trail web site map to see what buses could get me to Ovington Hill. I had to click on each route number and drill down to the timetable for the day of the week I was intending to walk. I soon found that the first bus ran once an hour to Marlborough but then there were no buses on a Sunday from Marlborough to Ovington Hill! I next got the telephone number of a taxi company in Marlborough to find out how much it would cost from Ogbourne to Ovington and was told about £17. So, I put four taxi numbers in my diary and waited for a day with good weather to start the walk.

The first suitable day was Easter Sunday the 4 th April. I got up early, made a packed lunch, and drove to Ogbourne St George, and eventually found somewhere to park the car. I 'phoned the first taxi number, only to find it was on answerphone! So, I tried the second number; this was also on answerphone. I tried the third number, and there was no answer. I tried the last number and someone answered. I asked for a taxi, only to be told that he was busy and it would be at least an hour before he could get to me. What do I do now? Do I wait by the side of the road for an hour or not? I said that I would let him know. I thought for a few minutes and decided I would try to hitch a lift: I have never done this before, even when I was a lot younger. So, I put my backpack on the ground and put my thumb out every time a vehicle was approaching. In less than ten minutes, a car stopped, I opened the door and I got in. We started talking, and I explained that I was trying to get to the start of the Ridgeway at Ovington Hill. To my delight he said that he knew it well and was driving right passed it and could drop me off, and so he did.

What happened next

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